Priority areas of activity

  • Terrorism and other asymmetric threats
    The modern risks and threats to the security and interests of our country have the distinct feature of being dynamic, unpredictable and asymmetric in nature. They call for intensive cooperation between the structures in the national security system and a comprehensive approach to neutralizing them.
    With respect to terrorism and asymmetric threats, SIA obtains and analyzes information, mainly related to countering terrorism, extremism, organized crime, illegal traffic of people, drugs, etc.

  • Foreign political and economic security
    Among SIA’s priority areas of activity is the provision of up-to-date, reliable information which is of vital importance in the pursuit of Bulgarian foreign and security policies, for the protection of national security and national interests in the sphere of economy and energy, as well as for the fulfillment of our country’s obligations in accordance with our membership in different international organizations.
  • Cooperation with related services of EU and NATO member-states and from other countries. Participation in multilateral forums of the services part of the international intelligence community.
    The transnational nature of the risks and threats to the security brings to the forefront the need to share information on a bilateral and multilateral level. The mutual supplementation of intelligence expertise provides an opportunity to consolidate data from different sources, but also to supply the state leadership with the necessary information about a region or a country, while saving resources and combining capabilities. The information exchange between SIA and the partner services with respect to countering international terrorism, illegal migration, the situation in regions generating crises, is extremely intensive.

    In its priority areas of activity, SIA carries out intelligence operations and obtains, stores, summarizes, analyzes and provides intelligence information, on the basis of which different information materials – such as reports, analyses and briefings – are prepared and provided to the state leadership.