• Global and regional risks and threats to the Republic of Bulgaria

Among the directions of activity of the Agency that are of priority importance are the acquisition, analysis and providing up-to-date, authentic information about the geo-political dynamics and the increasing threats, both in regional and global aspects.

  • Economic and energy security

In the context of ongoing wars and conflicts, as well as potential ones, the protection of the interests of the Republic of Bulgaria in the spheres of economy and energy represents an important part of the work of the State Intelligence Agency.

  • Asymmetric and hybrid risks and threats

SIA's efforts are focused on acquiring and analysing information about terrorist groups and individuals abroad, illegal migration flows, organized criminal networks, etc., and also on countering hybrid and cyber threats that  originate from state and non-state foreign entities.

  • International cooperation

Our Agency carries out an exchange of intelligence information with a number of foreign partner services and within the framework of the intelligence communities of the EU and NATO.