Angelo Prokopiev

Angelo Ivanov Prokopiev

Born on 20.09.1974 in Prague, the Czech Republic
Married, two children

NMU Vasil Levski – graduated with higher military special Degree in Electronic Intelligence and qualification as engineer operating radio electronic equipment

1997 – 1998 Leader of ELINT Platoon at the Reconnaissance Department of the Land Forces – Ministry of Defence
1998 – 2008 Officer at the National Security Service, Ministry of Interior, consecutively serves as an operations officer, then Section Chief
April 2008 – December 2015 Officer at the State Agency for National Security, consecutively serves as Section Chief, then Department Head
December 2015 Appointed Deputy Chair of the State Intelligence Agency by Decision of the Council of Ministers № 952/03.12.2015

English, Greek, Czech and Russian – fluent