Atanas Atanasov

The State Intelligence Agency is headed by a Chairperson appointed by a decree of the President of the Republic, subject to a proposal by the Council of Ministers, for a term of 5 years.The Chairperson of the Agency has the authority to organize, govern and supervise the performance of the functions and activities assigned to the Agency and to represent the Agency.
The Chairperson of SIA is a member of the Security Council, which is a consultative and coordinating body of the Council of Ministers on matters of national security, and of the Consultative Council on National Security, headed by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Atanas Angelov Atanasov was appointed Chairman of the State Intelligence Agency by Decree № 194/20.07.2018 of the President of Bulgaria.



Born in 1970.
Has two sons.

1989-1994 Master in Engineering - „Vasil Levski“ Military University, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
1995-1997 International Economic Relations post-graduate – UACG, Sofia, Bulgaria

Professional Career: 
1995 Joined the State Intelligence Agency of Bulgaria (SIA – former National Intelligence Service until 2015)
At HQ served consecutively as Head of Section, Head of Department and Head of Directorate.
30 April 2018 Appointed as Deputy Chairman of SIA by a Ministerial Council Decree № 291/26.04.2018
24 July 2018 Appointed as Chairman of SIA by а Decree № 194/20.07.2018 of the President of Bulgaria

Greek, English and some Serbian and Russian


The Chairperson of the Agency:

  • prepares a draft budget of the Agency and oversees its implementation;
  • organizes, governs and supervises the spending of special funds;
  • directs the management of human resources and the social policy;
  • approves an ethical code of conduct for the civil servants employed at the Agency;
  • draws up and submits to the Council of Ministers, not later than 31 March of each year, an annual report on the work of the Agency for the preceding year;
  • manages the Agency property and chattel in state ownership;
  • cooperates with partner services of other countries, with international bodies and organizations;
  • performs other powers assigned to him/her by law.

In his duties the Chairperson is assisted by Deputy Chairs appointed by decision of the Council of Ministers for a term of 5 years subject to a proposal by the Chairperson. The Chairperson has the authority to delegate by an administrative order powers to the Deputy Chairs and define their functions.