SIA’s symbol contains several elements consistent with the institutional heraldry:

  • A lion and the flag – traditional symbols, which embody the mission of the Intelligence in protection of the national security and interests, and its unbreakable bond with the Bulgarian state from its establishment to date.
  • A globe – stylized symbol of SIA’s scope of work, namely – outside the country’s borders, in different places and crisis regions in the world, in the name of peace and security on a global scale.
  • A square – symbol of perseverance and security, of the perceptiveness, foresight and visionary thinking characteristic of the Intelligence in the pursuit of goals and state priorities.
  • Four stylized arrows – symbol of the four directions of the world and the obtaining and analysis of intelligence information from all points in the world.

When combined together these elements of the official symbol of SIA define the Agency as a Bulgarian state institution part of the national security system, which is involved in obtaining up-to-date, reliable intelligence information from different regions of the world in order to protect the national security, defend the national interests and pursue the priorities of the Republic of Bulgaria.